May 17, 2015 Allen Kids

Allen Kids PhotosI had an amazing time with the Allen family and there kids. We capture some amazing shots of the kids at Piedmont Park and I was able to deliver the images today. I rarely get the chance to write anything on my blog so wanted to share some of the images from this shoot.

Allen Kids Photos Allen Kids

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January 11, 2014 A Star In the Making

Good morning everyone! Its about  2:00 am and I’ve been looking for tools to create collages for my blog. I use Light room 5 in my work flow and found several tutorials on how to do this but I think this feature stills needs more developing before I would want to spend time with it. Fundy software had a a very intuitive collage maker that worked with photoshop but it looks like they are creating a new power house tool that will help us all in the feature. I will be keeping my eye on the release and keep you guys posted. For now I am using a free online  collage maker that is very intuitive and offers a ton of creative options. This tools is called Fotor! If any  of you photographers are looking for a tool that is easy and quick to use check it out at I wanted to share something on my blog and test this thing out. Her is Star an inspiring young model that I did a shoot with. She was very good in front of the camera. We had a great time shooting. Tell me what you think of the shots and this quick collage that I created.

Images By Adrian Star1 A Star In the Making

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