A native of St. George South Carolina, Adrian has always been forward thinking and dedicated to finding ways to express his creativity. For him finding photography has been like finding forever. Passionate about the process of capturing moments in time, his journey to connect with others through imagery has been a life changing one.  Adrian has always been conscious about the idea of finding one’s self and creating balance. The commitment made to create success for his family is evident and this family he speaks about includes his community. His desire to use his gifts to inspire and create change are firmly rooted.


Since Adrian could remember he has always been driven by art and design. Influenced by his father’s ability to take what he envisioned and bring it to fruition allowed him to dream. A heart yearning to create has intersected with telling stories through stills and motion. Grounded by the convictions of faith and unconquerable will power, this young man has embarked on a mission to become a dream chaser. Imagination, creativity, and vision are guiding principles for this free spirit.


AD Photography & Video provides high quality imagery, graphics, and video for small business and individuals seeking to develop content for brand development. If you are just in need of Personal Portraits AD loves shooting families, kids, seniors, and weddings. His video work covers the same genres  and offers the same creative appeal. Take some time to find out more about his services buy visiting the details page.